Why a Millglen Lodge Park Home?

For those of you who want to reside full-time at Millglen Lodges, we have a range of wonderful Park Homes, and around 20 or so residents. Park Homes are a great investment and also provide affordable and extremely comfortable living standards.

New homes can be supplied from most manufacturers and are completely bespoke to your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Reasons to select Millglen Lodges for your Park Home!

Community spirit

At Millglen we have a great community spirit, where everybody stops to say hello.  The residents provide a strong neighbourly feel to the lodges.


In the world of park homes, crime is refreshingly virtually non-existent. Millglen Lodges is protected by CCTV.  We are also delighted to have a Park Manager who lives full time at the Park.

Value for money

If you’re downsizing to Millglen Lodges then you’ll almost certainly free up some equity. Also, the cost of living is going to be a lot lower with low council tax rates and reduced fuel bills.  The Park enjoys a Band A community charge, and a very competitive current annual site charge of just £1540 annually, which can be paid monthly.

Peace and quiet

Millglen Lodges feature the best of both worlds, surrounded by countryside and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, with the benefit of being a short walk to local amenities and close to many Coastal towns. This peace and tranquility gives you a real sense of calm, which can have tangible health benefits.

Stress-free living

By downsizing to a park home, you’ll be moving to a low-maintenance, hassle-free home. Millglen Lodges also come with an easy to maintain garden and adjacent individual parking,

Superb quality

All new park homes are built to exacting standards so you can expect state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings and a superb after-care service.  Millglen Lodges have a starting price as low as £99,000.

Great gardens

Millglen residents do take pride in their easy to maintain gardens, and when spring is in full bloom the park and the gardens are filled with colour and vibrancy.

Having fun

There is a real spirit of fun at Millglen Lodges and you could be part of that!