Can I live permanently in a park home at Millglen?

Yes, we have a Permanent Residential Licence granted by North Ayrshire Council in 2019

Are park homes suitable for people living with a disability?

Yes, definitely.  They are all on one level and can be easily adapted.  Many people with additional needs choose park homes.

Is the park restricted in any way?

Yes, we restrict residence to the over-50s age group for ownership of a home although a spouse or partner may be a bit younger.  Children may not reside or register for school, but they are welcome visitors at ant time including to stay for short holidays.

I have heard that park homes are not like Bricks and Mortar homes?

Quite right.  They are differently constructed but just as robust and just as warm;  In fact, newer park homes are better appointed than most modern bungalows and visitors are constantly surprised at the interior size and layout.

Do I get title deeds for a park home?

The form of tenure is different in that you own the home and not the ground it stands on.  Title deeds in Scotland apply to the land so do not apply in this case but you do receive a legally binding contract between you and the site owner which allows you to remain in your home as long as you want and to sell it on if you so desire, just like a traditional home.

At Millglen are there holiday homes and permanent homes mixed together?

No, Millglen is for permanent residents only

Is there car parking at the homes?

Yes, and we have lots of visitor parking

Can children live permanently at Millglen?

No. Children cannot be registered for school, but the wee ones are welcome to visit at any time and even stay for short holidays.