These rules set out terms of the agreement which the site owner proposes be agreed between you and the site owner in addition to the implied terms. They form part of this Agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended. The park rules which are attached also form part of this agreement. By signing the agreement, you signify your agreement to and agree to abide by the park rules and these express terms.

1 Home Maintenance

1.1. Where originally manufactured according to BS3632, homes must be kept and maintained to continue to comply.

1.2. You must use the home as your ‘Main or only residence and your home may not be sublet in whole or in part, in any circumstances.

1.3 A home may not be occupied by a larger number of persons than the number of berths available.

1.4 You must insure your home with a reputable insurer for an appropriate sum including re-siting fees and the site owner has the right to inspect insurance documents on request.

1.5. Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that electrical, water and gas installations and appliances comply always with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate authorities.

1.6 Fire regulations require that a maximum of two gas cylinders are permitted at a home which require to be placed upright and secured at all times.

1.7. Home owners are required to arrange for all heating appliances to be inspected annually, by a competent ‘Gas Safe Registered’ Heating Engineer, shall carry out such repairs as may be found necessary on such inspection and obtain a safety certificate. Certificates must be exhibited to the site owners on request.

1.8. It is strongly recommended that homeowners fit approved fire/smoke alarms where appropriate in the home and to provide at least one fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. For additional safety, the homeowner is also recommended to fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

1.9. Re-siting of a home, in any circumstances, may only be carried out by the site owners or their agents.

2 Pitch Maintenance

2.1 For reasons of ventilation and safety you must keep the underneath of you home clear and not use it as a storage space.

2.2. Boundaries between pitches are delineated within the site licence and boundary fences or markers must not be disturbed, moved or removed under any circumstance. You may not erect fences or other means of enclosure unless site owner approval in writing and obtaining the relevant planning permission. Planning permitted development in Scotland, does not apply to mobile home sites. If permitted, fences and any other means of enclosure must be positioned to comply with the park’s site licence conditions and fire safety requirements.

2.3. Development works within the pitch e.g. fences, slabbing, decking or additions to the home are expressly prohibited except with the written permission of the site owners and then only providing any appropriate planning permissions are in place where required.

2.4. Private gardens must be kept in a neat and tidy condition.

2.5. Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view and to be of a rotary type.

2.6. External fires including incinerators (excluding barbecues or firepits) are prohibited. To minimise the risk of fire, barbecues or firepits must not be left unattended.

2.7. Flammable substances may not be kept on the pitch except in quantities reasonable for domestic use or as permitted by law.

2.8. Explosive substances are expressly forbidden on the pitch.

3 Storage

3.1. You may not have more than one storage shed or greenhouse on the pitch.

3.2 The design, standard and size of the shed must be approved by both the local planning authority and by the site owners in writing. (Planning permitted development does not apply to mobile home sites in Scotland

3.3 You must position the shed to comply with the park’s site licence and fire safety requirements.

3.4 You must ensure that any shed or other structure erected in the separation space between park homes is of non-combustible construction and positioned to comply with the park’s site licence conditions and fire safety requirements. (The separation space is the space between your park home and the neighbouring home.)

3.5 Where a pitch historically contains more than one storage unit, or units of a non-permitted material, when these units come to be replaced in time, permission will not be granted for replacement beyond one unit of a permitted material.

4 Refuse Disposal

4.1 Domestic refuse and recyclable materials must be disposed on in accordance with the park rules

5 Business Activities

5.1 You may not use the park home, the pitch or any part of the park for any business purposes, and you may not use the park home or the pitch or any part of the park for the storage of stock, plant, machinery or equipment used or last used for business purposes.

5.2 Residents are at liberty to work individually from home where carrying on such work does not create a nuisance to other occupiers and does not involve employing staff on site or other workers, customers or members of the public calling at the park home or the park.

6 Age of Occupants

6.1. There is no age limit on persons who may reside in a residential park home, but children may not register for school from any home except with the express permission of the site owner.

7 Noise Nuisance

7.1. You may not use musical instruments, any form of recorded music player, radios and other similar appliances or motor vehicle noise to cause a nuisance to other occupiers, especially between the hours of 10:30 pm and 8 am.

8 Pets

8.1. There is no restriction on keeping pets which are not prescribed by law providing they are kept under proper control and the following rule is noted: Note 1: The express terms of a homeowner’s agreement contain an undertaking on the part of the homeowner not to allow anything which is or becomes a nuisance, inconvenience or disturbance to other occupiers at the park and this undertaking extends to the behaviour of pets and animals.

9 Water

9.1. It is recommended that you protect all external, including under-home or exposed water pipes from potential frost damage.

10 Vehicles and Parking

10.1 You must hold a current driving licence and be insured to drive any vehicle on the park. You must also ensure that any vehicle you drive on the park is taxed in accordance with the requirements of law and is in a roadworthy condition. 

10.2 You may not park more than one vehicle at your home and only where space on your pitch permits and where such parking does not cause an obstruction to other users of the park.

10.3 All other vehicle including visitor vehicles must park in the designated car parks.

10.4 Other than for the immediate delivery of goods and services to your home, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort at the pitch. Light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation legislation, and vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle may only be parked in designated car parks and then only with the permission of the site owners.

10.5 Touring caravans and Motor homes may not to be parked on the pitch or on the park overnight except with the express written permissions of the site owners and in a parking place designated by the site owners. 10.6 Disused or unroadworthy vehicles must not be kept anywhere on the pitch or on the park. The site owners reserve the right to remove, at the homeowner’s expense, any vehicle which is apparently abandoned. 10.7 You may not carry out major vehicle repairs involving dismantling of part(s) of the engine or any vehicle servicing which involves the removal of oil or other fuels.

11 Firearms

11.1 You must not use or display guns, firearms, air weapons and offensive weapons (including crossbows) on the park and you may only keep them on the pitch or in your home if you hold the appropriate licence and they are securely stored in accordance with that licence.

12 External Decoration or Cladding

12.1 Where the exterior of a home is to be repainted or refurbished with any type of cladding material, homeowners must not depart from the original, or very similar, exterior colour scheme other than with the permission of the site owners.

13 Crosbie Towers Additional Park Rules 2018 (forming part of the above agreement).

The park rules reflect the caravan sites licensing provisions of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 and the licence conditions imposed on us by the local licensing authority together with the Model Standards for caravan sites 2018. They also reflect Health and Safety considerations and the conditions imposed by our insurers. Please observe these rules which are in place for your safety and enjoyment and that of other users of the park. Failure to observe the park rules may result in the termination of the agreement.

13.1 Access to the Park. The site owners reserve the right to control unauthorised entry to the park. Visitors must be made aware of and abide by the park rules. Owners are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

13.2 Liability. The site owners accept no liability for the person or property of anyone using the park including when homes or caravans are unoccupied.

13.3 Sub-letting. You may not sublet your home or any part of your home under any circumstances.

13.4 Open Fires.  Open fires are not permitted in any area of the park. External fires including incinerators (excluding barbecues or firepits) are prohibited. To minimise the risk of fire, barbecues or firepits must not be left unattended.

13.5 Motor Vehicles. A speed limit of 10mph is in force on the park and must be observed at all times. Road traffic regulations including drink driving limits are applicable to the park roads.

13.6 Environment.

13.6.1 Natural Environment. To preserve the natural environment of the park wild flowers may not be picked at any time.

13.6.2 Recycling. Every effort should be made to recycle refuse where possible. Please use the recycling facility to deposit those materials indicated there,

13.6.3 Refuse Disposal. Refuse should be deposited in the designated bins. For disposal of bulky items please contact North Ayrshire Council environmental services direct.

13.6.4 TV Aerials/Dishes. These are permitted externally but must be installed by a qualified installer. The site owners accept no responsibility for damage to such installations or associated cabling.

13.6.5 Signage The display of commercial, political or other signage on the home or the pitch is expressly prohibited. Home sale signage is excluded from this rule.

13.7 Utilities. Water pipes, cabling and electrical junction boxes must not be tampered with under any circumstances. Homeowners or their contractors may not connect to any of the utilities without the express permission of the site owners and then only in the presence of a site representative.

14 Park Rules

Rules are reviewed regularly and any proposed changes will be notified in writing to all residential owners who will have 28 days to make representations regarding changes. The site owners will carefully and reasonably consider such representations and where such are upheld, the proposed rules will be amended accordingly; otherwise the proposed rules will stand.

(It should be noted that the park rule regulations contained in The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014 do NOT apply in Scotland nor do the procedures contained therein.)